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The 3 minute shortcut that decreases employee mistakes by 61-74% without any need for negative pressure or drama.

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  • My exact 7 step feedback formula that allows you to prevent costly mistakes from recurring over and over again. 

  • The feedback model reveals how to get to the truth; stay focused on the relationship and builds a positive identity in your employees.


  • Using the feedback formula show you how you can provide objective real time critiques without employees taking anything personally. 

  • The 7 step feedback checklist to train your people on exactly how to give and receive feedback on performance so your business is always improving.


  • And so much more… 

Hi, my name is Clint Best.

I help successful business owners who are stuck WORKING IN their businesses, not making enough profit or not scaling fast enough. 

I help them build their team, use their time more productively, and leverage their money making systems so they have more focus, more flow, and more freedom. 

This “Feedback Formula” will help you to communicate clearly, so your business can be more productive and profitable, while avoiding unnecessary drama that people tend to hide in. 

Successful people don’t try to reinvent the wheel

They look for a proven method… 

Do you ever find yourself frustrated because you have to repeat yourself over and over again and people are making the same costly errors because they just don’t own it? 

Deep down people want to do the right thing, but it has to be communicated properly. When you see this formula you’ll realize the simplistic yet effective beauty in it. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. 

“And the truth will set you free…” 

John 8:32 

Allowing things to bottle up inside is unhealthy and leads to resentments that will strain relationships. 

The best way to build character into your team is to create the conditions where the truth shows up consistently. The feedback formula engrains honest objective communication into the very fabric of your company culture, so good communication becomes a habit. 

When people take things personally the walls go up. When the walls go up the message doesn’t get through and mistakes recur. 

The best parenting advice I’ve ever received was to separate the person from the behavior. The feedback formula accounts for this ensuring the right message is received in the spirit it is meant every time.

“You cannot change how someone thinks, but you can give them a tool which leads them to think differently” 

Buckminster Fuller 

It’s easy to let emotions rule you, but when you have the right system you can create a predictable result again and again. 

Whenever we do something for the first time it’s often a little scary and we are rarely very good at it. With practice comes mastery and with mastery comes improvement. 

Why not begin your road to mastery right now. 

Get my exact 7 step feedback formula now!

Privacy Policy: Your Information is 100% Secure